Prince’s Statement on Carrie Fisher

His Royal Highness The Prince released a statement on the death of beloved actress Carrie Fisher known for playing Princess Leia in George Lucas’s Star Wars saga.

I was sadden to hear of the passing of Carrie Fisher. Carrie was a wonderfully outspoken actress and writer; more important she was a mental health activist who made humor out of her darkest days. My thoughts and prayers are with her mother Debbie Reynolds, her daughter Billie Lourde, along with the rest of her family, friends, and fans.


Maximilian P.



Prince’s Christmas Message 2016


As we near the end of what has been a tumultuous year, it is important to reflect on what has passed, as we look forward to what is to come. 2016 has been a year that not many will look back on fondly. Terror has again gripped the world this year with terrorist attacks across the globe such as the Bastille Day attack in Nice, the Orlando shooting, The Istanbul airport attack, and the recent attack in Berlin at a Christmas market. We send our most sincere condolences and sympathies to the families affected by these heinous crimes against humanity. With the outbreak of the Zika Virus epidemic, many more people and families—both current and future—were afflicted. Beyond these matters and many more, the too-large-a-number of deaths of beloved artists such as Prince and David Bowie, renowned actors such as Alan Rickman and Gene Wilder, and public figures like Muhammed Ali and Nancy Reagan, seemed to further sting like salt on a fresh wound.

The most spectacular thing about humanity, however bad its ailment or affliction, is its desire to endure and persevere. Though seemingly eclipsed by the bad, 2016’s brightest stars still shone through the darkness. The Standing Rock tribe’s victory against the Dakota Access Pipeline proved that human good can triumph over corporate greed, saving the tribe’s water supply and sacred lands. Kaharagia stands with Standing Rock. We also supported the Refugee Olympic Team in this year’s Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Not only did human kind rise above this year, but our four legged friends even took a step forward. The wild tiger population has increased for the first time in 100 years and not only that, but the giant panda population is no longer endangered!

God has ensured that good will always triumph over evil, and with 2017 just on the horizon, we seemed poised to do just that. With togetherness, friendship and love, Kaharagia and the world can cross the divide together as one people, enduring the even the worst of what evil has to pitifully throw our way.

With all good wishes this Holiday season and a Merry Christmas,

                                                                                         Maximilian P.


Prince Congratulates new Thai King

His Royal Highness The Prince has sent a letter of congratulations to His Majesty The King of Thailand on His Majesty’s acceptance to take the throne and become the tenth monarch of the Chakri Dynasty which has ruled Thailand (called Siam until 1940) since 1782. King Vajiralongkorn succeded his well beloved father King Bhumibol Adulyadej who died on 13 October 2016 at the age of 88 after a 70 year reign.