Q. Is this a micronation?
A. No. We do not identify as, or fit the criteria of a micronation. A micronation is any simulation of a real sovereign entity, we are an independence movement.

Q. How many members do you have?
A. Although we can not reveal the true number of Kaharagi nationals, an estimation is around 900 people. Since updating our archiving systems, we have lost (delete) many pieces of information on Kaharagi nationals and would be happy to have these Kaharagis contact us.

Q. Are you in support of civil conflict to gain your goals?
A. No, never. The Principality of Kaharagia rejects war. From the beginning, we have sworn to only obtain independence through peaceful means. Once we have established ourselves, we will, of course, defend ourselves from foreign attacks if necessary, but we would never instigate a civil conflict to reach our goals.

Q. How do you make money?
A. We don’t. We do not require members to pay any fees for membership. We would like to get donations, which can be done here, but we do not have any steady income except that of voluntary donations.

Q. Why should there be a Kaharagian nation?
A. Good question, why should there be a Canadian nation or a British nation? Countries are arguably the most powerful and influential organized groups to exist in human history. Having the means to gather a group of people with a common goal and give them a homeland is an event that would resonate throughout the world, and if having a positive influence on the world is not a good enough reason, I do not know what is.

Q. What happens if the sovereign dies and there is no heir?
A. In this unlikely event, it is one of the core pillars of the Council of State to elect a new royal family. This family will most likely be a large family of nobility that has a close relationship with the former royal family. This is again an event we do not see coming.

Q. It all sounds great! How do I join?
A. Citizenship, that is becoming a subject of His Royal Highness The Prince is a personal and selective process and we ask that individuals begin by sending an email to His Royal Highness’s Secretariat at secretariat@kaharagia.org to begin the petition process.

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