How to Acquire Kaharagian Citizenship?

Becoming Kaharagian and acquiring Kaharagian nationality is possible through several routes:

  • Jus sanguinis, that is being born anywhere in the world to at least one parent who is Kaharagian. This requires notification to the Kaharagian government in order for the child to be registered as a citizen.
  • Jus soli, that is anyone born on Kaharagian soil is granted Kaharagian citizenship regardless of their parents citizenship. Another name for this is birthright citizenship.
  • Naturalization, this the most common way to obtain Kaharagian nationality and that is what this page discusses.

Individuals wishing to become a Kaharagian national, a subject of the Prince of Kaharagia, must petition the His Royal Highness The Prince for citizenship. There are no application forms and the process begins with a simple letter sent to the Prince petitioning citizenship. The letter should contain information about you, your background, education, work experience, and very importantly how you would help Kaharagia. Individuals looking to “collect citizenships” and “knighthoods” should not petition. Citizenship is restricted to people who want to contribute to the Principality of Kaharagian and see it grown.

Letters can be sent to:

H.R.H. The Prince of Kaharagia
Re: Nationality Petition
15560 Meyer Avenue
Allen Park, MI 48101
United States

We ask that your initial letter be through the physical mail, we can follow up with you via email if you include your email address.

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