Prince’s Christmas Message 2018

The longest night of the year has come and gone, and with it a promise of light for each night after. It is crucial in these trying times full of uncertaintiy, to look for that small gleam of light that can always be found even in the most profound darkness. 2018 has tested many, plunging people into the darkness of fear, sorrow, and destruction. It is Our hope, that in the coming year the people plagued by doubt and worry will find a reprieve. The California Wildfires have wreaked havoc, and is but one of many natural disasters to strike this year. The Hawaiian eruption was another blazing display of nature’s might. These natural disasters are testament to Global Warming, and a vision of the future, should the world not act in unison. Beyond disasters of the natural variety, shooting again took the front page in news around the United States. There seem to be more and more school shootings with each year. Even History itself was not immune to hardship, as the The Museu Nacional of Brazil was reduced to ash in a fire, losing 200 years of irreplaceable artefacts from Egypt, Greco-Roman art, and some fo the first fossils found in the country.

Despite this year of fire, again, there is a promise of light. Even in this darkness, there was still good to be had in the world, and it shows that the human spirit always endures. Science made great strides in the fight against breast cancer, cutting deaths below 39%, saving the lives of over 300,000 women. The world added nearly 30% more solar energy capacity in 2017. Giant Pandas are no longer endangered and China is going to oversee the building of a massive conservation park. These facts and more show that the world is healing, even if it is doing so slowly. These are the gleams of light in the darkness of uncertainty that all must look to for hope.

The Christmas season is about peace, and hope, and light. It is the season of mending. Not just of the body, or or the land, but of the spirit. Through our trust in God, we will continue on through the darkness together as humanity has and always will. Together will travel toward the light, and toward the new year.

With all good wishes this Holiday season and a Happy Christmas,

Maximilian P.

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