Coat of Arms
The Great Coat of Arms of the Realm is the “emblem” of the nation. The arms are also the personal arms of the Kaharagian Sovereign. They feature the black eagle of Kaharagia on a gold shield. Supported by¬†two wild men with clubs and a banner of arms each. The shield is surrounded by the collar of the Order of Saint Michael. The whole arms are inside a royal mantel and crowned with the Royal Crown of Kaharagia. The motto of the Royal Family “Pro Deo Et Patria” is also featured on the arms. A lesser coat of arms of the shield and crown is used by His Royal Highness’s Government.


The Royal Standard
The Royal Standard is the banner of arms of the Principality of Kaharagia and the Prince of Kaharagia. The banner consists of a crowned black eagle with a red beak and talons on a gold field. The Standard is only flown the in presence of the Prince. It should never be flown by individuals or without the consent of the Prince. The standard is the most senior Kaharagian flag and is never flown at half-staff because there is always a Prince or Princess of Kaharagia reigning. Other members of the Royal Family can be granted a standard based on the design of the Royal Standard.

The Saint Michael’s Cross Flag
TheSaint Michael’s Cross Flag was created to promote Kaharagian nationalism and to honour our patron saint, Saint Michael The Archangel. Much like England has the Saint George’s Cross Flag and Scotland has the Saint Andrew’s Cross Flag, the Principality has the Saint Michael’s Cross flag which features a black cross on a gold field (called a Saint Michael’s Cross). The flag is the most senior flag after the National Flag but is less common than the national bicolour.

The National Flag
Since the founding of the Principality of Kaharagia as black and gold bicolour flag has been used to represent the Kaharagian nation. The colours come from the two dominate tinctures on the royal arms. The flag remains the national flag and is only junior to the Royal Standard and the Saint Michael’s Cross flag.

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