The Principality of Kaharagia is a hereditary monarchy, this means our sovereign is the Prince (or Princess) of Kaharagia and his (or her) heirs and successors inherit the position based on a birth right. In the Principality of Kaharagia we follow absolute primogeniture which means the eldest child of the reigning sovereign is the heir apparent regardless of their gender. All citizens/nationals of Kaharagia are subjects of the Prince.

Kaharagia is a monarchy because it is our national belief that the Sovereign Prince’s responsibility is to be protector of his people and his realm. Republicanism (meaning elected officials rather than the American political party) can be dangerous and can be seen in the rise of right-wing populism happening around the world. The Principality of Kaharagia rejects popular sovereignty and republicanism which allows the oppression of people based on things like gender, sexual preference, race, religion, and socio-economic status.

The Sovereign Prince of Kaharagia a Christian and governs in a Christian manner but he is also the upholder of the right to freedom of religion for all his subjects. With freedom of religion comes the Sovereign’s duty to ensure no subject is discriminated against under the guise of religious freedom.

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